About Us

Sarada Valley Development Samithi is a community based organization working for the last 3 decades in Visakhapatnam district by undertaking various Government developmental activities. Our SVDS started its rural development work from October 2nd 1985 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi. SVDS promoted and sustained various CBOs such as WUAs, FPOs (Farmers Producers Organizations), Farmers clubs, Masons Union, Rickshaw Pullers Union, VSS, MACTS, SVDS Swagathi Sneha Sangham for FSW and Nandhi Service Society for MSM


Vision & Mission

Vision: An empowered equitable society established; which is controlled by vulnerable community and the farming community in SVDS operational area.

Mission: Development of a social system in the adopted villages of the Sarada river basin that is controlled by farming, tribal and other weaker communities of the society, which on one hand, fights against the local exploitation and on the other alleviates poverty via organizing the poor, building their confidence, bringing out their leadership qualities and creating awareness in own capacities, the power of unity, and resultant social, financial, political and community empowerment.


Susag Millets

susag-sisters susag-sisters
Susag Millets Producer Company Limited is the women steered, high income generating FPO, familiarly known as ‘Millet Sisters’. The SUSAG Millets FPC has been formed in 2015 by Millet sisters with the assistance of NABARD.. This was backed by Sarada Valley Development Samithi. The core vision of SVDS is Multifaced Women empowerment and lively hood enhancement for providing food ,health, and nutrition security. The basement of the FPO has been designed in such a way that the capacity building, awareness, natural organic agricultural practices, processing activities are common from CEO level to the member level. Knowledge sharing, field level exposures, onsite meetings at mass levels etc have enabled each member of the FPO to realize their ownership, roles & responsibilities. The administration of the FPO has been decentralized up to member level enabled the FPO to procure the entire produce at each member level up to last grain over and the above their family self-consumption. A well coordination among Procurement, Processing and Marketing committee, Financial Mobilization committee and Social Audit committees has developed to realize the marketing potential, procurement target for FPO and thereby developing business strategies for purchase/sale of produce in a balanced manner the turnover started to increase instantaneously irrespective of marketing trend. The SVDS has succeeded in building up of strong team work, layering of various capacity building works, timely pumping of convergence schemes with relevant departments, transparent administration etc.
Susag Millets FPC has been working in Pedabayalu Mandal of the Paderu Division of the Visakhapatnam . The work has been the ‘Revival of Millets’ and strengthening the ‘Traditional Mixed Cropping System’ through natural farming, increasing local consumption and profitably marketing the surplus. Susag Millets FPC has been associated with Rythu Sadhikara Samastha since 2018 to work under APCNF program on promotion of natural farming practices and technical assistance.
The FPO has been tagged with number of interventions for skill development, upscaling, marketing and generating income over the years since formation in 2015. The intervention of ITDA, Wasan the Memorandum of understand with ATMA, RYSS has helped the FPO for getting the benefits of technology transfer, development & utilization of local spring waters, training programs, technical expertise etc, developed the produce yield size, marketing size, membership size of the FPO.
In 2018, Susag Millets FPC availed working capital of Rs 27.00 lakhs from NABKISAN Finance Limited which was repaid on time. Again, in 2019, NABKISAN Finance Limited granted Rs 69.00 lakhs for working capital cum term loan. On the performance of our Susag Millets FPC seeking, NABKISAN sanctioned Rs 6.00 lakhs grant and SFAC provided equity grant of Rs 4.80 lakhs.
The business size of the FPO has increased in such a way that the FPO has created dedicated staff with special duties for taking care of book keeping (MIS), Marketing wing, Stock management, Food processing team etc.
Now the millet sisters are producing millets and pulses to the tune of around 30 tons to 40 tons, with a business turnover of Rs. around 45 lakh per annum. The minimum net annual income for the FPO is around Rs. 3 lakh to Rs.4 lakh.
The Susag FPO has been visited by many organizations, research scholars, Department heads, administrations, students, financial institutions. Today Susag Millet sisters FPO has been turned into a knowledge hub for creating eco-friendly livelihood, team work, concentrated convergent schemes, corporate business structure reflecting the necessary qualities of an ideal business hub cum comfortable happy life for the FPO members.
The way forward:
APPI (Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative) has studied the Eco-friendly livelihood practices, corporate business strategies, replicable convergence models and planning to develop a model called ‘Eco Pedabayalu’ under their CSR activity for promotion of organic farming which could be another milestone in the success history of Susag millet sisters FPO. Our Millet sisters are very particular to strengthen the Immunity Centric Supply Chain in future to serve the healthy and nutritious food .

SVDS Target Community


Major tasks undertaken by SVDS


To develop organizational power among the farming community of Tribal, Dalit and women by bringing them together as CBOs, and facilitating their participation in various government programmes and organizing them to get their rights and enhance their livelihood and conserve their nature.